Crumble is a pure strategy game like go, chess, and checkers. But unlike those games, crumble positions can have unbounded complexity. Also, not just double attacks, but an unbounded number of simultaneous attacks are possible with a single move. And a single move can make big changes across the entire playing field, even though each piece is extremely simple — just squares and half squares that are either black or white.

But you can’t just make giant moves, attack everywhere, and have infinite complexity. To do these things, you need to fight to improve your position and take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes in order to generate that kind of power.

Crumble games are beautiful. They’re beautiful conceptually, but they are also beautiful to simply look at, like works of art. They’re compelling. If you play crumble out in the open, people will stop and watch. That’s guaranteed. If you are shy, you should only play crumble indoors or in other unpopulated locations like a desert or a cave. Otherwise the risk of meeting new people is simply too great to ignore.

Also, crumble is free! And I don’t mean, give me your email address and personal information. I mean it’s free. You can download the open source java implementation and play your heart out. If you’re a java coder, you can also help out with patches. There's also a mailing list for all Crumble-related discussions and announcements.