Crumble is a pure strategy game for two players. One player plays the black pieces, the other plays the white, and the objective is to create a string of neighboring pieces that touch all four sides of the board at once. Along the way, pieces can divide into more and smaller pieces that behave identically to their larger versions; pieces can also join together into larger pieces. Captures can convert some of the opposing pieces to a player's color; and a piece can 'travel' through a chain of opposing pieces to exchange its color with that of another piece somewhere on the board.

Crumble embodies a rich set of strategic and tactical ideas, and tends to lead to very exciting, dynamic positions with both sides attacking and defending simultaneously.

This site explains how to play Crumble, and how to make your own pieces with household materials. Crumble is easy to learn and free to play. If you like, you can follow the Crumble Blog for news and other musings from the game's creator. Or subscribe to the mailing list for all Crumble-related discussions and announcements.

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