Buy A Crumble Set

To get on the waiting list for the actual packaged Crumble set, email with your request.

Manufacturing has not yet begun, but I'm working on it. The information on this page is not finalized and is likely to change.

Inside The Package

At the moment, there are only low-budget options for Crumble. Your set includes (this description subject to change without notice - I'm still working on it, folks!):

  • An instructional leaflet describing the rules of play (similar to the information on this web page)
  • Over 300 Crumble pieces
Packaging is not a priority - there is not yet any kind of branded box or other branded materials. This is coming. For now, you may consider these sets to be early collectible items that will perhaps one day be highly coveted.

Available Crumble Set Sizes

There are four standard sizes of Crumble, measured in terms of the size of the starting pieces:

  • 2"x2" starting piece, played on a 12"x12" board

Available Crumble Set Materials

At the moment, Crumble pieces are made from a relatively thick cardboard. Treat it nicely and don't get it wet, and it should last quite a while. Eventually I hope to have more durable plastic and wooden sets available here as well.