Make Your Own Pieces

Making your own pieces can be a pretty quick project, because you really only have to make a batch of the starting piece, and just cut them in half as you need smaller pieces during play. Here's a quick way to make your own set of pieces out of easy-to-find materials:

  1. If you don't have these things around the house, purchase:
    • a pack of one-color 8.5"x11" construction paper
    • a pack of another color
    • some sheets of cardboard
    • a ruler
    • rubber cement
    • a strong pair of scissors.
  2. Glue a sheet of one color on one side of a sheet of cardboard, and glue a sheet of the other color on the other side of the cardboard. Spread the glue evenly across the whole surface of the paper, because you're eventually (not right away) going to cut them into little pieces, and you want all the little pieces to have enough glue on them to hold together.
  3. Now you have five sheets of cardboard with one color on one side, and another color on the other side.
  4. Draw a grid of 2"x2" squares on each sheet, and cut them out with the scissors. This will give you about 100 squares of the starting piece.
  5. That's all you need to do to get going. Set up the starting position and begin to play!
  6. Whenever you need a smaller piece that you don't have yet, just cut a larger piece in half, as accurately as you can (use a ruler and draw a guiding line). You can get smaller and smaller pieces this way. After a few games, you won't have to cut any more pieces in half. 
  7. When you're done, save all the pieces in a little bag for next time. Careful not to smush them! Keep the construction paper and other materials handy in case you start joining pieces into non-standard sizes.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can construct a board, so the pieces won't move around so much:

  1. Cut a square of cardboard, 12.75" to a side.
  2. Cut four equal strips of cardboard, 12.5" long, and .25" wide.
  3. The big square is the base. Lay the four strips flat on the base, so they make a big square shape, like a picture frame. The inside of that frame should be exactly 12.25" square.
  4. Glue the four strips into position where they lay. Make sure the 12.25" interior square is accurate, or you may have trouble fitting your pieces inside.
  5. When dry, set up the starting position inside the frame, and start playing. The pieces will stay inside the frame, and will be more manageable during play.

There you have it. Crumble for everyone!

I encourage anyone who comes up with their own favorite way to make a Crumble set, to please share their experiences.