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Control The Corners

Corner pieces touch two sides. If you can generate a chain from a corner towards the middle of the playing field, that's a strength.

Attack With Long Splits

Splitting multiple pieces changes the tactical situation down the entire length of that split-line. Be aware of the possibility of setting up an attack at one end of a split-line, while actually attacking at the other. You're opponent will be forced to make a choice between defending against one or the other of these attacks.

Create Rectangle Spikes

A certain configuration of rectangles can form a strong spike in a given direction, and, while not strictly unassailable, the opponent can only interfere with them at the cost of not taking more material on that move. This spike has the following properties:

  • Each rectangle borders its neighbors on its short edge, so the complete spike travels only in a single direction.
  • The short edges at both ends of the spike are unassailable. This could be for any number of reasons:
    • A friendly piece that doesn't share a complete side
    • The edge of the board
    • An opposing piece that is large
  • The long edges of each rectangle do not border any of their own pieces that would allow swapping into the spike. In other words, the long edges of each rectangle are not fully shared with the sides of any of their own pieces.

This situation can arise fairly frequently.